ACE® HPLC Columns, a name synonymous with the highest performance and reproducibility in reversed-phase HPLC columns has now exceeded its own lofty standards.

Introducing ACE EXCEL SuperC18™, a uniquely bonded EBT™ end-capped C18 phase offering unprecedented inertness, unparalleled efficiency over an extended pH range and uncompromising durability. Not only does ACE EXCEL SuperC18 outperform the competition, it buries them!

• So what’s the key? EBT

Encapsulated Bonding Technology provides superior inertness and protection to the silica surface across a broad eluent pH range (pH 1.5 -11.5). Remember this is 100% silica folks! Therefore, better peak shape and increased inertness.

• ACE EXCEL SuperC18 smoked the competition in independent laboratory inertness testing. READ MORE

• ACE EXCEL SuperC18 humbled the nearest competitor in peak symmetry of beta blockers.

• Rock solid stability at low, medium and high pH.

• Do you want to use the same column at high pH and switch to low pH for compound screening? Now, you can! ACE EXCEL SuperC18 does not exhibit hysteresis effects like the "other guys" high pH particle.

• Want to change selectivity? Just change the pH!

• With extended pH stability, this is just the column you mass spectrometrists have been looking for. Great for LC-MS applications with mass spec friendly buffers!

• Think big! Any analytical scale separation can be easily scaled up for isolation and purification purposes!

• HPLC or UHPLC? No problem! 2, 3 and 5 µm particles available in 1000 bar hardware. 10 µm particles for prep applications. Guard columns available upon request.

Care and Use Sheets Available on Request (email