ACE® UltraCore™ solid-core columns combine all of the proven advantages of ACE columns and superficially porous particles with extended pH stability. 

Ultra-Inert Solid-Core Particles

  • 2.5 µm and 5 µm ultra pure solid-core (superficially porous) particles
  • Monodisperse particle distribution combines high efficiency with low pressure
  • Achieve UHPLC efficiency and performance on HPLC instrumentation

Encapsulated Bonding Technology:

Provides superior inertness and protection to the silica surface across a broad eluent pH range (pH 1.5 -11.0). Remember, this is 100% silica folks! Therefore, better peak shape and increased inertness.

  • Exploit selectivity changes at low, intermediate and high pH
  • Designed for use with LC/MS compatible buffers
  • Recommended pH range 1.5-11.0
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ACE UltraCore™ SuperC18™ >

UltraCore™ SuperC18™, a uniquely-bonded EBT™ (Enhanced Bonding Technology) end-capped C18 phase, which provides unprecedented inertness and unparalleled efficiency over an extended pH range (pH 1.5–11.0) and uncompromising durability.  Excellent for improving retention and peak shape for basic analytes, and for adjusting selectivity during method development at low, mid and high pH.

ACE UltraCore™ SuperPhenylHexyl™ >

UltraCore™ SuperPhenylHexyl™, a uniquely-bonded EBT™ (Enhanced Bonding Technology) end-capped phenyl-hexyl phase, which provides complementary selectivity to ACE SuperC18 across the pH range of 1.5 to 11.0.  SuperPhenylHexyl retains and separates analytes by both hydrophobic and π–π interactions, and is ideal for aromatic and other unsaturated compounds—especially those with electron-withdrawing groups.

Care and Use Sheets Available on Request (email