HALO Fused-Core Columns have revolutionized HPLC, and now UHPLC, with HALO-2 Fused-Core Columns!
  • High speed and efficiency with 20, 30 and 50 mm columns
  • High resolution and peak capacity with 75, 100 and 150 mm columns
  • Improved productivity with faster analyses
  • Less solvent usage from shorter analysis times
  • Sharper, taller peaks = better sensitivity and lower LOD and LOQ
  • ~20% lower back pressure than most commercially available non-core sub-2-μm columns
  • Less subject to plugging because of 1 µm inlet frits
  • 300,000 plates per meter efficiency
HALO C18 & C8
Excellent performance for a broad range of analyte polarities. Separations are due primarily to hydrophobic interactions and differences in hydrophobicity among analytes.
Retention and selectivity due to both hydrophobic and hydrogen bonding interactions. Less retentive than C18 and C8, except for analytes with proton-donor groups. Compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases.
HALO Peptide ES-C18
Ideal for ultrafast or high resolution separations of peptides and polypeptides ≤ 15 kDa. Enhanced stability at low pH via sterically protected ligands up to 90 degrees C.
HALO Phenyl-Hexyl
Separations occur due both to hydrophobic and π-π interactions. Enhanced retention and selectivity for aromatic and unsaturated analytes (especially those with electron-withdrawing groups and halogens). Compatible with highly aqueous mobile phases.
Separations take place due to multiple types and degrees of analyte interactions including hydrophobic, π–π, dipole-dipole, and hydrogen bonding. Can be used in HILIC mode with mobile phases containing > 80% acetonitrile. Enhanced selectivity for stereoisomers. Compatible with highly aqueous mobile phases.
This unique bonded phase provides a highly polar stationary phase on which to perform HILIC separations. The high bonding density and polarity of the bonded phase minimize ion-exchange effects with residual silanols, thereby improving peak shape and lot-to-lot reproducibility.
HALO HILIC (silica)
Can be used in both HILIC and normal-phase modes. Enhanced sensitivity and peak shape for LC-MS analyses of basic analytes.
Provides strong dipole-dipole interactions with analytes and weak hydrophobic interactions. Suitable for use in reversed-phase, HILIC, and normal-phase modes. Rapid equilibration with low bleed for high throughput LC-MS applications. Extra stable bonding with sterically protected ligand provides improved stability and performance compared to conventional CN phases, especially at low pH (1-4).

Figure 1 HALO 2 columns have a wide optimum flow rate range and outperform non-core columns in 1.7 μm particle size.

Figure 2 HALO 2 delivers improved performance compared to non-core sub-2-μm column for a separation of 14 explosives

Figure 3 Complex samples such as DNPH derivatives of aldehydes and ketones can be resolved quickly using HALO 2

Note: Small peaks adjacent to major peaks are geometric isomers of asymmetrical carbonyl compounds.

Care and Use Sheets Available on Request (email hplc@mac-mod.com)