New 5-micron HALO-5 columns based on Fused-Core particle technology boosts the performance of HPLC. Compared to other HPLC columns, HALO-5 columns have:

• the highest plate number versus any other 5-micron column you can buy (> 150,000 plates per meter)
• the equivalent or higher number of plates as most 3-micron columns with one-half the pressure
• improved productivity resulting from having the same thin porous layer as 2.7-micron HALO columns allowing high efficiencies at faster flow rates
• low back pressure well suited to legacy HPLC instruments
• scalability from UHPLC separations developed on 2.7-micron HALO columns
C18 & C8
Excellent performance for a broad range of analyte polarities. Separations are due primarily to hydrophobic interactions and differences in hydrophobicity among analytes.
HALO Phenyl-Hexyl
Separations occur due both to hydrophobic and π-π interactions. Enhanced retention and selectivity for aromatic and unsaturated analytes (especially those with electron-withdrawing groups and halogens). Compatible with highly aqueous mobile phases.
Separations take place due to multiple types and degrees of analyte interactions including hydrophobic, π–π, dipole-dipole, and hydrogen bonding. Can be used in HILIC mode with mobile phases containing > 80% acetonitrile. Enhanced selectivity for stereoisomers. Compatible with highly aqueous mobile phases.
Provides strong dipole-dipole interactions with analytes and weak hydrophobic interactions. Suitable for use in reversed-phase, HILIC, and normal-phase modes. Rapid equilibration with low bleed for high throughput LC-MS applications. Extra stable bonding with sterically protected ligand provides improved stability and performance compared to conventional CN phases, especially at low pH (1-4).
This unique bonded phase provides a highly polar stationary phase on which to perform HILIC separations. The high bonding density and polarity of the bonded phase minimize ion-exchange effects with residual silanols, thereby improving peak shape and lot-to-lot reproducibility.
HALO HILIC (silica)
Can be used in both HILIC and normal-phase modes. Enhanced sensitivity and peak shape for LC-MS analyses of basic analytes.
Care and Use Sheets Available on Request (email