Partisphere is available in pre-packed columns and a choice of 5µm high performance phases. In addition to its efficient pure silica and monomeric C-18 and C-8, SAX, SCX and PAC are also available. PartiSphere media feature narrow particle size distribution and excellent reproducibility.
Normal Phase (Adsorption) Media
PartiSphere Spherical Silica (5µm) PartiSphere silica features homogenous particles with narrow particle size distribution for sharp separations and excellent reproducibility. It is the basis for PartiSphere bonded phases.
Ion Exchange Media
PartiSphere Spherical Silica (5µm) PartiSphere SAX and SCX (5µm) Strong ion exchange media based on homogenous spherical silica particles with very tight size distribution. They produce very sharp separations.
Reverse Phase Media
PartiSphere C-18 (5µm)
C-18 stationary phase on homogenous, spherical silica particles for very high separation efficiency.

PartiSphere C-8 (5µm)
Octyl bonded phase on homogenous spherical particles for maximal resolution.

PartiSphere PAC (5µm)
Polar Amino Cyano bonded to homogenous spherical particles for maximal resolution.
Partisphere TAC 1 (5µm)
For great discoveries such as Taxol, Whatman technology optimally separates the closely eluting taxanes of Pacific yew trees. Whatman worked closely with two leading customers to develop a specific bonded phase that achieves baseline resolution of the paclitaxel molecule from its closest impurity. Each lot of TAC 1 (Taxane Analysis Column) is tested with a paclitaxel chromatographic purity separation to ensure the best possible reproducibility. (Richheimer SL et al. Anal Chem. 1992; 64: 2323-2326)
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